Levengrove – Crumble’s inaugural inaugural

After a bit of indecision during the course of the week around where our travels would take us, we decided to venture to Scotland’s newest parkrun today to celebrate my first parkrun as a 3 year old. That’s apparently 28 in your human years so I think that means I’m entering my running prime. It’sContinue reading “Levengrove – Crumble’s inaugural inaugural”

Springburn – Siberian success story

After a week of abandoning me, the human is back in the country. In spite of him complaining about jetlag and being at a black-tie dinner last night he surprisingly kept to his word and I got my Saturday morning parkrun fix. We decided to visit Springburn again this week. Don’t tell my friends atContinue reading “Springburn – Siberian success story”

Springburn – Crumble’s Angels and the unplanned parkrun trip

After a few weeks on the road, it was time to visit one of our more local events again today with my first trip to Springburn since May. Got to manage my carbon pawprint you know. With its wide paths and gentle undulations, Springburn is one of my favourite Glasgow parkruns and is the human’sContinue reading “Springburn – Crumble’s Angels and the unplanned parkrun trip”

Dean Castle Country Park – the Joyful Kilmarnock Blues plus a quarter Cowell

The day was bright and sunny so the blog I won’t delay… We continued with our recent theme of “new to us“ parkruns again today by visiting Dean Castle Country Park parkrun. Try saying that with mouthful of Pedigree Chum! I was rudely awakened at 7:45am when his alarm went off. What does one needContinue reading “Dean Castle Country Park – the Joyful Kilmarnock Blues plus a quarter Cowell”

University of Stirling – soggy bottom Crumble

What a big week in the non-canine world. The Bake Off Final, the Rugby World Cup final and even more politics….. So I’m back parkrunning again this weekend just as he promised but before sharing my latest parkrun tails a little pupdate on my blog. I was delighted to see that my wee blog hasContinue reading “University of Stirling – soggy bottom Crumble”

Queen’s Glasgow – when Crumble met Charlie

Don’t worry I’ve not gone off the rails and started the drugs. This is a love story! It’s great to be back parkrunning again after a few weeks off. The human abandoned me two Saturdays in a row as he swanned off to Burgess parkrun in London two weeks ago (at least he didn’t doContinue reading “Queen’s Glasgow – when Crumble met Charlie”

Linwood no more (as our NENDY that is)

Well folks, given I’m blogging you can safely guess that the human kept up his promise and took me to Linwood parkrun this morning to tick that one off. So Linwood is officially his NENDY no more! I’m Gonna Be the top dog parkrun blogger in the land. I think I’m On My Way toContinue reading “Linwood no more (as our NENDY that is)”

Ruchill – get that new T-shirt to Room 101

So it’s me again. Thanks for your comments on my first dog-blog. You’re way too kind. Let’s bring this story right up to date. As some of you know I’ve been rather neglected over the last month or so as my human has been pursuing his 100th parkrun and 50th at Drumchapel (though he doesn’tContinue reading “Ruchill – get that new T-shirt to Room 101”