Queen’s Glasgow – Don’t Stop Me Now

Me again. The Queen of the New Year one week The Queen of Queen’s Park the next.

Just a wee blog this week since you’ve heard rather a lot from me over the last eight days. Don’t want to overdo it as Too Much (Crumble) Love Will Kill You.

After a short rendezvous on New Year’s Day at Polkemmet it was time to go visit my wee pal over at Queen’s Park, Charlie the cockapoo. Friends Will Be Friends.

It’s been a pretty awesome week for young Charlie. Not content with doing his first double on Wednesday, he smashed his PB at Linwood that day and then surpassed himself by appearing in a great Glasgow Evening Times feature on the fantastic Queen’s Park volunteers on Thursday. He was assistant Run Director today, keeping Laura right. It’s a Hard Life but somebody’s got to do it.

After a very soggy trip there in December the weather gods were a bit kinder today. The temporary water feature was gone too. We had both found this a very challenging but enjoyable parkrun so far and we struggled round in very sluggish 29 minutes last time. Jim had done his long run on Friday so it wasn’t clear if he would be holding me back again on the tough climbs today but The Show Must Go On.

This fabulous park was previously known as South Side Park but was renamed Queen’s Park in dedication to Mary, Queen of Scots who lost the Battle of Langside nearby. The park’s flagpole is regarded as one of Glasgow’s best views with vistas towards Ben Lomond and the Campsie Fells looking North.

After being spoiled with two runs in one day on Wednesday I didn’t get a run on either Thursday (which apparently was his first rest day in over a month, not that he talked about running every day in December very much) or Friday. I was a little bit disappointed about the prospect of only getting one parkrun today. In the end though it was just perfect and I loved it. Coach Collins is maybe right when he says that sometimes it’s the quality of the miles that’s more important than the quantity. It’s about focus he says. One Vision.

We arrived nice and early again. We parked up well before 9 so we got to explore the park, run up to the flag pole and then hang out with Charlie at the bandstand.

There was a bumper turnout with new year resolutioners and recent parkrun converts taking advantage of the mild and dry weather. The turnout was an amazing 292, not far off the course record. Only a few Garscubers today. We only saw Keith and Stuart. They must have all been at XC training!

The hills were tough again today. They don’t seem to get any easier. Not that I meant to put us Under Pressure but I wanted to beat last month’s time and beat it by as much as we could.

I always think Jim takes it too easy and conservative on the downhill stretch and I tried to leave him behind. I shouted I Want to Break Free but he said something dull about parkrun rules and having to stay on a short lead. Boring! Talking of Jims we saw Jim the Dog too today who was taking Alex out for a walk.

We finally made it round today in 25:31. We pushed ourselves at the start and worked pretty hard today though the final climb of the hills was a killer. That time was over 3 minutes faster than last time here and around 90 seconds faster than our previous best here. Happy with that. A very comfortable course PB and close to my 25 minute flat course target. And our fastest time of the year too. We are the Champions! We had our customary post run drink and treat. They’re very dog friendly there.

They’ve got a new selfie frame since our last visit. Dad said it’s in the rules that you have to use it but You Don’t Fool Me. He made me do it anyway.

Huge kudos again to the amazing core team, especially Laura and Charlie, and a big shout-out to the volunteer takeover team from Bellahouston Harriers. What a pawsome bunch. They’re A Kind of Magic and definitely in the top two lots of running Harriers in Glasgow.

Dad’s become a bit obsessed by the parkrun app over the last week and has been plotting a number of challenges including stopwatch bingo (apparently he’s now at 90%), a Clayton and a possible alphabet over the longer term. He’s already been planning an O in February, a C in April and a possible J in July. What sort of person does that? Is there a helpline? I think he’s going a bit Radio Gaga. Save Me.

Worryingly it sounds like I might be abandoned for a few of the more further afield ones. That’s not fair. I Want It All. He’s promised to take me to Dunfermline, Lochore Meadows and Livingston over the next few months though.

More immediately I think we’re off again to Drumpellier next week, one of my local favourites, then I’m making my volunteering debut the following week at Levengrove where We Will (Dumbarton) Rock You. Can’t wait to be the tail and then tell the tale.

Meantime I’m off for a bath. I’ve apparently still got half of Polkemmet Country Park in my fur from Wednesday.

Crumble out x

The view from the flagpole
Embarrassing selfie part one
Getting in the zone
The core team and the volunteers getting their instructions from Charlie
Ready steady….
Charlie and his committee having a debrief
Embarrassing selfie part two
Bath time!

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