Linwood no more (as our NENDY that is)

Well folks, given I’m blogging you can safely guess that the human kept up his promise and took me to Linwood parkrun this morning to tick that one off. So Linwood is officially his NENDY no more!

I’m Gonna Be the top dog parkrun blogger in the land. I think I’m On My Way to being King Of The Road. Linwood this week then maybe The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues (at Dean Castle Country Park parkun) next time. Enough Proclaimers puns or do you want another 500 miles of them? Then 500 more?

Thanks again for your kind words, chuckles, groans, eye rolls, head scratching and Insta follows over the last week. It’s been fun. I’ve got almost half as many Insta followers already as Jim has and he thinks he’s a serious influencer with his huge 114 followers…I’m a hot dog…I’m on a roll…well hopefully not now that I think of it.

Anyway Linwood it was. The first time for both of us. And we met Alison, Gavin and Kirsty with baby Eilidh in tow in the buggy. I think you already know my views on that! That’s the drug cheat equivalent of parkruns in my book. Quite an easy drive to get there through the Clyde Tunnel and not far past the airport. Much closer than I thought.

My relaxing drive was rudely interrupted when I saw a large sign for a place just beyond Linwood called Killbarking. Cheeky feckers. Quit talking yourselves with your loud human chat! Remind me never to go there. They sound an awfully dog-intolerant bunch.

Linwood definitely gets a huge big paws up from me. Pretty flat, mixed terrain, some nice trail paths, cool shaded woodland parts and some running on grass at the start. The perfect pick’n’mix parkrun and very dog friendly. There were even some off-lead dogs on the second lap to watch me. And what a glorious sunny morning too. Definitely a five star Crumble rating.

We managed to lap the tail walker again this week. I steered well clear though. If anyone tries to walk on my tail then they’ll quickly find out that this Crumble is ready to rumble!

I made it round as first dog in just under 25 minutes which must be close to a Crumble PB. Jim had an uncharacteristic rest day yesterday so he didn’t hold me back as much this week. Nice teamwork.

As a bonus on the way home we discovered there’s a Starbucks less than 10 minutes from the run. Cue a little bit of Jim’s cinnamon swirl. I’m just thinking of his waistline you know. I had to remind him though to pick the raisins out in case he poisoned me! I know his game. He’s jealous of my growing popularity.

Anyway another great day out. Looks like no parkrun for me next week. Man that’s ruff. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. What’s next? The Crum versus the Drum? Maybe Girvan some time soon? I do love the seaside.

So that‘s Linwood done though I must admit I’m still no further forward on who this Lynne is and just what it is that she would do….or maybe wouldn’t do any more.

Crumble out!

Ps NENDY is nearest event not done yet for you slower ones at the back of the class

Always a keen bean – just about first one there
I love my off-lead warm-up
He’s such a poser!
Crumble fans assemble!
It’s all about the cake!

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