Ruchill – get that new T-shirt to Room 101

So it’s me again. Thanks for your comments on my first dog-blog. You’re way too kind. Let’s bring this story right up to date.

Check out the T-shirt 🙄
Action shot on lap 1
Posing with the Ruchill sign
Looking longingly at Barb’a dog treats
A well-earned post parkrun sofa chill

As some of you know I’ve been rather neglected over the last month or so as my human has been pursuing his 100th parkrun and 50th at Drumchapel (though he doesn’t like to talk about it very much). Whilst I got one token outing in August I was pretty much consigned to an unwelcome enforced “off season”. Back to business this week though to join Jim on his parkrun number 101.

From the minute the word parkrun was mentioned on Saturday morning (that’s two words in dog language no matter what you say to convince me otherwise but I’ll play along anyway) I was bounding around the house like well like an over-excited puppy ready to find out where we were headed.

I could tell by the amount of time we spent in the car that it wasn’t Drumchapel and soon enough we arrived at Ruchill which is probably my favourite parkrun and Glasgow’s most dog-friendly parkrun thanks to its wide paths and healthy but manageable numbers though Springburn runs it very close. I always have a whale of a time there and they have such a cool team. Jim has a bit of a reputation at Ruchill for turning up in fancy dress so it was a relief to see that today he just turned up as a slightly overweight over-enthusiastic middle-aged middle-of-the-road runner.

We said hello to Lynsey and the lovely volunteers from Siemens before doing the customary off-lead warm-up and toilet stop (for me not him). One of the spare poo bags blew away in the wind and it was hilarious seeing Jim chase after it all around the start area like some sort of uncoordinated unorthodox warm-up drill. No change there then from him trying to do Tommy’s drills at club.

He had his “special” 100 T-shirt on. I was clearly very impressed by his great achievement. Am I really supposed to be impressed at him running 5km on average once every 3 weeks over the course of the last 3 years? I do love that picture of his T-shirt from behind though. Shows his bald spot off just nicely.

It was one of my faster Ruchill runs in 26:28 though I think I had lost some sharpness after the enforced break. I managed to comfortably beat some of my regular rivals including Petra and Laura McA. For the first time ever I lapped another dog which was a pawesome feeling. I’ve now claimed it as my lap dog from now til the end of time!

At the finish line we met up with Barb who brought along some of my favourite snacks which I demolished before heading home to spend the rest of the day chilling on the sofa. All in all a great morning.

I hear the human is planning to do Linwood next week. That’s his parkrun NENDY apparently. They’ve got an acronym for everything. Let’s see if I get to join him. Stay tuned.

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